How I Roll is a unique approach to informing, educating, and entertaining people about living life confined to a wheelchair. The site is an informational resource for green (new) paraplegics.

Boston Abilities Expo… Sweeeeeeet!

Bostom Abilities Expo 2014

I haven’t posted in months..  Training for IRONMAN Florida triathlon on November 1, 2014 and working on a new adaptive sports equipment store called “HowiRoll Sports” has been taking most of my time, but that’s not really a great excuse….

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Boston, MA for a family event.  By chance, it happened to be the same weekend as the Boston Abilities Expo.  The Expo was filled with great vendors and manufacturers.  Some veteran companies like TiLite, Top End, and Colours were showing off their full line of products and showcasing their brand new products.  Being able to see the brand new wheelchair and handcycles in person was an awesome experience… Because lets face it, there’s a looking online expereince, and there’s a seeing in person experience.. I’ll take seeing in person experience very time!!!

Aside from seeing all the large vendors who’ve been in the game for years, it was a couple new companies that impressed me the most. One of these companies in particular was called “Tri-vel”.  Basically, they’re a Canada based company that manufactures their own adaptive bikes. These aren’t your average adaptive bikes.. Tri-vel seems to got the extra mile, not only with amazing construction of their products, but also by building cycles that connect the disabled person with their able-bodied companion through cycling.. Maybe the companion is a mother or father. Maybe the companion is a husband or a wife. Maybe it’s simply a friend who wants t ride with their buddy..  Their newest adaptive bike creation is shown in the video below. I had a chance to test drive the co-pilot seat!

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Got How iRoll Sports???

HowiRoll Sports 1

No Medical Supply Store Here….

Adaptive Sports Equipment for Innovative Athletes.

I’m very proud to introduce my brand new adaptive sports equipment store, called How iRoll Sports.  I’ve always disliked the idea of purchasing my wheelchair sports equipment from a “medical supply” store online… That’s why I created How iRoll Sports.  We offer Adaptive wheelchair sports equipment and fitness/exercise gear.  We also have some very cool apparel and wheelchair “iAccessories” that you will NOT find anywhere else!

Please checkout our brand new store at How iRoll Sports.  We’re excited to offer TOP END hand-cycles and racing wheelchairs at the lowest prices on the market, period! Find a lower price and we’ll beat it every time!

Below are only a few of our new innovative products.

AluminumGreenWheel_5_1024x1024 women-PARKING sweet sweat-stick-6 Shirt-Men-Parking IMG_4922 IMG_4748 IMG_4907 Adaptive Resistance Bands IMG_4774 photo 2 photo 2 photo 2 IMG_5252 photo 2 IMG_5223

Interested in our products?? If so, visit now!

The Ziesel…. Bad-Ass Offroad Adaptive Wheelchair Tank Toy

Ziesel- Offroad Adaptive Tank wheelchair

Whether you’re going up the side of a snowy mountain or offroad hiking a dirt trail, THIS toy is what you need! The Ziesel appears to be the baby result of a wheelchair and tank fornicating… Made by a company called Mattro in Tirol, Austria, this piece of adaptive wheelchair equipment is truly incredible… Although, all good things come with a hefty price tag. With a base price of 21,000 Euro, you may need to take out a 2nd mortgage to finalize a purchase, but at least you’ll have a sweet ride! To see more, visit the Ziesel website here.

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Early bird gets the worm..


Waking up early to train sucks, but the feeling you get at the end the workout is priceless.. And the best part is that you still have the entire day ahead of you. Furthermore, if you can bang out a solid workout first thing in the morning, you’re much more likely to eat clean and healthy throughout the remaining day.

If you absolutely hate training hard in the morning, consider swimming. As a paratriathlete, I swim more than I hand-cycle or use the racing wheelchair. It’s an amazing cardio workout, and the best part is it’s a relaxing morning workout once you get the hang of it.

So rise and shine.. Early bird gets the worm. Be stronger than all your excuses..

Calm Before the Storm… USA ParaTriathlon Nationals

So, I haven’t posted in awhile… Party because I recently started a new job, partly because I’m lazy, but mostly because I’ve been training my ass off for ParaTriathlon Nationals in Austin, TX next week on Memorial Day.

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